Knoxville Ale Trail – A Day of Good Brews

Tim and I have slowly been exploring our new back yard, one weekend at a time. We’ve ventured about looking for fun things to do when friends visit and for us to keep ourselves busy. One of our favorite things to do back home was enjoying the numerous craft breweries Florida had to offer us. Hitting the 500 club at World of Beer was awesome, but getting to see where some of these brews were from was something I always wanted to do. Tim and I recently discovered that Knoxville has a growing brewery scene so naturally we went to check it out.


Photo by Brent Moore, All CC

With 10 breweries currently operating and quite a bit more slated to open in the next couple of years, Knoxville’s craft beer scene is giving us a lot to explore! The breweries are all over the city- from historic neighborhoods to surrounding areas, the pint glasses are chilled and ready for pouring!

2253239327_0668de08dc_bPhoto by Rupert Affen, All CC

If you’re heading to a UT game, plan ahead and stop at one of these awesome breweries! Many of them serve food and have a killer atmosphere too! With live music and great food most of the area breweries are great as a place to go. But many of them are located among great shops and other restaurants, so planning a day to explore and get to know the area will not be time spent in vain!

Knoxville Breweries

  • Allience Brewing Company – 1130 Sevier Ave.
  • Balter Beerworks – 100 S Broadway St.
  • Blackhorse Pub & Brewery – 4429 Kingston Pike
  • Crafty Bastard Brewery – 6 Emory Pl.
  • Downtown Grill & Brewery – 424 S Gay St.
  • Last Days of Autumn Brewing – 808 East Magnolia Ave.
  • Hexagon Brewing Company – 1002 Dutch Valley Dr.
  • Saw Works Brewing Co. – 708 E Depot Ave.
  • Schulz Bräu Brewing Co. – 126 Bernard Ave.

If you’ve been to any of the Knoxville breweries, let me know which one! And what you recommend we order next time. Tim is a hoppy brew kinda guy who doesn’t steer away from the IPAs. And I’ve been wanting to try more than my go-to brown ales and cream ales, so let us know which ones we should try next in the comments.

 Feature image by Brent Moore, All CC

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