Hi guys!  And welcome to CircaWanderlust, a blog for history loving travel junkies with a penchant for old brick buildings and adventures. We blog about where we go, what to do, travel advice and tips. We are a husband and wife duo who love road trips, hole in the wall BBQ joints, and everything in between. Circa Wanderlust is a product of this thirst for travel and a love of history.





Ess is one-half of the CircaWanderlust duo. She is an avid reader, historic marker finder, hole in the wall and street food loving kinda gal. From the aqueducts of Rome to the forests of Mississippi, she is always ready for adventure with her journal in hand (and snacks)! She does most of the writing and Instagram-ing.






Tim, as you guessed it, is the other half of this dynamic duo! A chill out, relaxed, nothing really stresses him out kinda guy who is always ready to detour when his wife spots a historic marker or old cemetery to explore. He does the fancy camera photography.



They often take their two dogs on their one-weekend- at-a- time explorations and can be found on cross country road trips in search of the best hole in the wall BBQ joints and scenic back roads when they aren’t traveling abroad. Their hope is to inspire others to travel in their own back yard and across the globe through stories and pictures that chronicle their travels. You can follow our adventures at @circawanderlust on IG!


Photos by: Sadie and Kyle Photography




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