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Pioneers in Brick Buildings: Marietta College’s Beautiful Campus

If there is one thing you notice about Marietta (aside from all the history and cute places to find that vintage Pyrex your grandmother used every Thanksgiving) it is the gorgeous college campus that encompasses three blocks of the downtown area. Again, the history here, especially on a college campus, doesn’t go without notice.

The brick buildings and open spaces lined with trees are enough to make anyone want to relive every horrible freshman memory. Maybe it is because I went to newer schools in Florida where we have no pretty brick buildings, but walking across the campus made me want to grab a book, sit under a tree, and just sit for a moment. Oddly enough, this liberal arts college is known for its Petroleum Engineering program, which I didn’t even know was a real thing. The baseball team is also an area of pride for the school, winning quite a few national championships.


One of the coolest things about the college though, has less to do with the campus and more to do with who is in charge of it! Walking down the downtown area one of my first visits I fell in lust (no, not love) with a beautiful house with a brick facade and dreamy Corinthian Greek columns. After doing some research and further lusting, I learned that the house I so longed to go inside was that of the College President. That super cool thing? The house is almost as old as The White House! And if the President’s residence is that old, you are right to assume that the college itself has a historic background.


Via Marietta Times

Marietta College was originally founded as the Muskingum Academy in 1797 and is one of America’s 37 “Revolutionary Colleges,” institutions with origins reaching back to the 18th century. Today’s College was chartered in 1835. In 1860, Marietta became the sixteenth college awarded a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the world’s oldest honorary society. And while I thought Founder’s Day was something from the 1600’s that no one did anymore but the college celebrates its birthday, which was February 14, 1835, on February 14th (or the Thursday after it) every year with a tribute called Founders Day.


The College has so many events and traditions that aside from wanting to make it to a sporting event next time we are in town, I really want to make it out to the library and archives to see what fun things I can dig up. With over 40 majors to pick from at this liberal arts college, I’d be lying if I told you I never looked to see if anything that is offered interested me… Like maybe geology or archaeology!


And, lets be honest. It wouldn’t be a post about a liberal arts college without some type of student art, so I give you the Dinosaur Murals at of the Geology Annex Building! The first time I saw this building I made Tim stop the car so I could take a picture. The mural depicts the asteroid that is thought to have changed the climate of our planet so drastically that it destroyed much of the life on Earth. I really wish I had a selfie stick for this one because I would have the most epic T-RexΒ  on all the internets.


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    Que belleza!
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