Road Trip Songs: Coast Lines

Every good road trip needs a good tunes, that goes without saying. I am a {HUGE} metal picture painter thanks to years of working for Lush Cosmetics where emotive language is a big part of what you do. I’m the kind of person who sees a pair of jeans and says “you know those 90’s RomComs where the nerdy girl falls for the jock, and they go to the beach? These are the jeans she would put on on top of swim suit before jumping into a yellow jeep after having a beach picnic” not just “these are comfy jeans.” This means that my memories are multisensory.

The smell of fresh tomatoes and warm sticky summer air reminds me of weekends on Grenada Lake with my grandfather. Salty skin and sunrises mixed with a sense of adventure is ever nostalgic of early morning rowing practice. This is one of the reasons I love blogging, its a way to intertwine all facets of memory for me.

This playlist is made up of mellow tunes, soft soothing voices, and guitar strums that are ideal for listening to while you coast along Pacific Coast Highway or Florida’s Seven Mile Bridge.

These are the songs that play while you cruise with the windows down and taste the saltiness in the air. With sun-kissed skin wearing your favorite pair of denim shorties, these are Coast Line songs.

This is the soundtrack to somewhere between summer love and spring break adventure. While you ride on a beach cruiser with your best friend wearing floppy hats on your way to get ice cream. What songs remind you of palm trees and ocean waves?

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