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The Hyppo: Old City Paletas with New Personality

Having grown up in South America paletas are nostalgic. They are icy popsicles that remind me of summers spent in Colombia with my grandparents, exploring small towns and collecting new artisan creations. But the paletas I grew up on don’t compare to the foodie take of new flavors popping up all over the US. Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, let me introduce you to The Hyppo.


The Hyppo is located in the lovely St. Augustine, Florida. Right in the heart of the historic district its almost too easy to miss among the cute bars and restaurant courtyards.Β  Having followed this brand on IG for quite a while, you could imagine my surprise when I completely stumbled into their shop when randomly stopping to give the dogs a car-break home from a road trip once.


The flavors are a foodies dreams come true with choices like Mango Habanero and Blackberry Goat Cheese. Non-adventurous tastebuds fear not, there are delicious traditional options like Straight Up Strawberry as well. With over 450 flavors under their belt, you really cant go wrong. No matter which flavor or flavors you choose, your mouth will be the happiest place on Earth.


These ice pops are perfect for a hot Florida afternoon while exploring and walking down the Old City streets. I only have one regret from this short spur of the moment adventure and it is that I didn’t have an excuse to buy more paletas. I went with the strawberry basil because I am a self diagnosed basil junkie so that was a no brainer. I also went with the mojito flavored one thinking that Tim would enjoy that flavor, but to my surprise he didn’t want one. Needless to say, I ate both and will so appropriately say #sorryimnotsorry.

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