Travel and Life “Must Haves” For The Eco-Minded

I consider myself a pretty good Earth-habitant. We produce more recycling at our house than we do trash (4+ bins of recyclables vs 2 kitchen trash bags of trash), we are conscious of our environmental impact, and try to minimize the impacts we have on the earth. When it comes to traveling, we especially keep this in mind since we visit places that are ecologically diverse and that nature effect is what helps local economies thrive. Because we are so big into sustainable travel and protecting the planet, we’ve come up with some travel and life “Must Haves” for the Eco-Minded individual we don’t leave home without!


Via Wild Ginger Apothecary
berksBerkeley, the store’s official greeter and tail wagger! You can follow his adventures on his Instagram @imtheshihtzu. Via Wild Ginger Apothecary.

99% of our eco-friendly bath/body and life products come from Wild Ginger Apothecary, a bad ass local shop that specializes in natural choices and all things wonderful. Nicole has an amazing variety of products to choose from and Berks, the store’s official greeter, is always happy to see you. While we could find other products that are comparable and put up affiliate links or even go to some trendy bath bomb stores, we chose not to. Instead we support a small business in our local community and invite you to shop at WGA or find a local store that might carry some of these products in your hometown. Aside from sharing some of our favorite products with you, we receive no monetary gain from this post. So rest assured, our opinions are as honest as they come!

We have come to rely on specific products to get us through the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and when we travel. So, let’s break it down. Here are the things that every person on the go needs be it in your gym bag, at your desk, or while you travel (and for some of you all 3!) these are life savers.

Travel and Life “Must Haves” For The Eco-Minded

Little Barn Dry Shampoo

This little bottle of goodness is perfect for those times you just don’t have time to wash your hair between the yoga and meeting your friends for drinks. With Pink Clay to absorb all the oil you don’t want in your hair leaving you fresh, fierce, and ready to take on the world. Dry shampoo is also your BFF Jill when you have been flying for 3 days, haven’t been able to take a shower, and maybe lost your luggage at your connecting destination. Even though the rest of your day might be going to shit this magical goodness will make it temporarily better!

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

In a jar or in a tube, for those of us that live in Florida the reason why this on is on the list is a given: Summer Heat. Sometimes you just need a little Keep the BO away, DEO and this natural option is a must have! And while you travel you also need deo (especially if you plan on doing any jungle trekking or backpacking!)

acureVia Wild Ginger Apothecary

Acure Body Wash And Acure Shampoo/Conditioner

If you are lucky enough to have 15 mins in between your go-go-going and have a shower nearby (like at the gym, a friend’s house, or the outdoor showers at the beach). This body wash will leave you smelling fab and is 100% biodegradable so you can use it outdoors and on the go! Camping must have? We think so. This brand is super ethically driven and environmentally focused but with the mission to have products that acutally work! And we are happy to report that they do what they set out to, which is exactly why you will see the brand pop up a few times on this list.

Acure Cleansing Towelettes

Be it to take off make up or just give you a little freshening up, these guys are a MUST in our household. My husband and I both have a pack in our gym bags, I keep some in my desk at work, and there’s a pack in the bathroom too for nightly face cleansing. Really, what’s not to love? These are a carry on must for all those times you end up sticky and icky while adventuring the world.

rose aloe.jpgVia Wild Ginger Apothecary

Little Barn Rosewater Balance Mist

THIS. RIGHT. HERE. For rosy cheeked gals and anyone needing a quick spritz for rose colored goodness, Little Barn answers the call! Rose and Aloe help soothe away redness while nourishing the skin with Hibiscus and Witch Hazel for a power house new addition. #sorrywerenotsorry that once you try it you will be addicted. Remember when flight attendants would hand out how towels and everyone would use them to wipe their faces? Consider this your 2016 version with effective ingredients that will forever change your life.

wg tankVia Wild Ginger Apothecary

Comfiest Shirt Ever

Too many times I have spilled sauce or coffee on my blouse and needed a quick change. More times than I can remember I have wanted to do a last minute Bare or Yoga class only to realize I didn’t have a change of clothes and wouldn’t make it back home in time for a wardrobe change. Never again. And while traveling, I end up looking like a toddler who just fed himself for the first time. Always, I swear! So I’ve started to just travel in a comfy shirt and pack one in my carry on that I change into before we get to where we need to be. Tanks are usually the weapon of choice as we leave Florida and an off the shoulder long sleeve option for when we land and to wear if the flight gets chilly.


There is nothing a little mascara can’t do to get you back and at’em. The perfect touch up after you’ve been at your desk all day or just the ticket to get you from naked faced to natural look for when you arrive at your destination. I am not one to ever do a full face of makeup unless its a special occasion. Even when I travel you would never find more than the make up essentials and mascara is always a must!


Brickell Men’s Products

Tim is alllllllll about this line! From facewash to shaving cream, he never leaves them behind. If my husband’s love for their products is any indication of how they have knocked it out of the park for a men’s line, I think it is safe to say that all men should use these. Bearded, shadowed, or clean shaven Tim uses these daily.


taza2.jpgVia Wild Ginger Apothecary

From crappy airport food to truck stop garbage, sometimes you just need something delicious to snack on. Taza Chocolate is delish and I couldn’t imagine going on a trip without a few bars in my backpack!

Mexican Chocolate Discs

For the campers out there we HAVE to recommend these (all the heart eyes). These little dudes are the perfect way to end your night by the fire. S’mores, fire, Mexican hot chocolate? We’re there!

taza.jpgVia Wild Ginger Apothecary

Pet Care

As many of you know, our trips aren’t always international travel, sometimes they are weekend trips looking for antiques or exploring State Parks where we bring along Rocky and Kona. Wild Ginger even has eco-friendly choices for our Road Dogs! I am convinced that anyone who has traveled with dogs has had one incident that makes you ask yourself what in the world could have made your animal smell so horribly disgusting.

We’ve had a few over the years: Kona puked all over Rocky, Rocky found coyote poop and rolled in it, and they both waded in a creek that had the nastiest smelling mud I have ever encountered in my life! Cue the dog bathing supplies. Times like this, I am ever so thankful we started packing the mutts their own travel bag, complete with doggy life jacket for the Bonjour Bulldog!

petsVia Wild Ginger Apothecary

When packing for trips, I always try to see what we can eliminate and strive to include products that have multiple uses. This not only cuts down on what you have to pack but usually makes trips to camp ground bathrooms a little easier as you have less to juggle! This means that Tim’s beard oil also turns into my hair styling serum, conditioner turns into shaving cream, and lavender lip balm sometimes turns into a blister or burn salve.

Living in Florida means the tropical heat wave is pretty brutal year around. So in the hydration department coconut water is our friend! Even if its just a weekend adventure out to the state parks, you won’t find us without it! There are so many great flavors and brands to pick from, but Invo is one of our favorites!


Products are available online at or in-store at 6557 Superior Avenue in the Gulf Gate Shopping Village, Sarasota FL. Have questions about products? WGA is more than happy to help you find the right fit for you.



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