Brooklyn Weekend: Sometimes you need to get away to the burroughs and be among the hipsters

My best friend lived in Brooklyn/Queens for a couple of years after college. Though she has since traded in her Big Apple life for the organic kale of LA and the West Coast, I never got a chance to visit her. We had planned a weekend for major girl time in the city with booked spa treatments at the Lush Spa where we would be a Sex in the City like duo. 

Brooklyn Weekend

We had everything planned only to have to cancel last minute when my French Bulldog, Rocky, decided he would get into the trashcan TWO days before I was suppose to fly out and eat a whole rotisserie chicken carcass. They trip never happened and my dog had emergency surgery, but the playlist I made for this trip hasn’t had it’s day of glory. This is one that is inspired by my Keish, the hipsters who live in brownstones, and the tunes that find their inspiration in experiences. This playlist is for a Brooklyn Weekend in the burroughs so don’t forget your bagels and black/white cookies!

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