Everything You Want in a Boutique Hotel: Hotel Misia Maria Review

Few and far between are the places you stay at while traveling that make you feel like you never left the comfort of your own home. There is something to be said for comfort-ability of your bedroom, the welcoming feeling of your home, and knowing where everything is. Finding all of that in a hotel, isn’t exactly easy. But when you step back in time to Colombia‘s “Cauca Viejo” and stay a night at Hotel Misia Maria, you quickly realize you have a home away from home!

Cauca Viejo is a gated community not open to the public, your only way in is by staying at one of the hotels inside or knowing someone who owns a house there. The weekending location for Medellin’s wealthy, this created town follows the architecture of old Antioquia. A style that follows Colombia’s colonial floor plans, houses are built around big open courtyards along cobble stone streets.

Hotel Misia Maria

Staying at Hotel Misia Maria was like going back in time but keeping all the modern day amenities! This gorgeous house is filled with little decorative touches that make you feel like you are staying at the house of a good friend. In the bedrooms you will find books that have been loved before or children’s riding boots that belonged to the owners little ones, making it feel less and less like a hotel you are just a guest at. With gorgeous tile all over, bright colored accents on the doors, and open air showers some of the bedrooms this hotel is one of the most amazing hotels we have ever stayed at!

The house has 5 bedrooms, all of which have their own bathroom and incredibility comfortable bed (trust me, my family has tried them alllllll out)! Many of the rooms include more than one bed, allowing families to stay together or parents and children to share a room. During your stay at Hotel Misia Maria, you can look forward to amazing meals, carefully curated with love and a gourmet touch.

While you relax by the pool or hang out in a hammock on the porch, you will have some of the most delicious juices and teas to sip on. Snacks are homemade in the evening as the smell of dinner makes it way through the casona’s large patio.

We stayed 2 amazing, relaxation filled days at Misia Maria, getting to know owner Maria Elena. We’ve been to a lot of places and stayed at a lot of hotels, but this one is certainly one of the best. Located close enough to Jerico that you can take a day trip if you are able to peel yourself away from the hammocks and pool side chairs. Surrounded by flora and fauna, there are trails to walk down and horses that can be rented as well.

Overall, I would say this is the destination for those looking to show their gastronomical sense a good time as Maria Elena shows off in the kitchen with delicious menus that leave you too full but still wanting more. And the adventurers out there, Jerico is a go-to location for hang-gliding. If you just went for the food too, that would be okay! Let’s be honest, that’s one of my favorite parts of any trip Maria Elena and Casa Hotel Misia Maria did not disappoint!

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  1. […] Though we live in Florida, Colombia’s heat and tropics are a beauty worth seeing. So, to Cauca Viejo we went for 2 days of pure relaxation, hammocks, and amazing food at Hotel Misia Maria. This is one of the best boutique hotels we have ever stayed at! If you want to read more about the hotel, check out our post with pictures and a review. […]

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