Ways to Kill Time While Traveling Beyond Naps and Reading

We have all been there at some point or another. You are either sitting in an airport with a long layover or maybe waiting on a bus to your next adventure. But killing time doesn’t have to mean you just sit there counting down the minutes. We’re guilty of taking naps and reading sometimes, but there are so many other ways to kill time.

Ways To Kill Time While Traveling

Coloring books are not just for kids! We’ve all seen the BEAUTIFUL coloring books they are making for adults. From Harry Potter and Star Wars to Mandalas and Fairy Gardens, there is a coloring book for just about anyone. And if you aren’t above Dollar Store shopping, you can even go old school and get the tear out page kind. If you travel enough, you can just have a coloring book for travel! You can mail them back home with letters or just keep them as memories of an airport lay over you wished was shorter.

Netflixing at an airport that has free wifi is a perfect time to binge watch and catch up on all the shows you’ve been meaning to start! Just make sure you have a charger handy and find an outlet. I have been known to move a vending machine a smidge for access to an outlet during a cancelled flight to Paris!

If you are a postcard sender while you travel, bring some blank stock cards with you that you can decorate during layovers or need to kill time. Friends back home not only get to hear about your awesome trip but they will also get a cool piece of artwork. Bonus points if you get a post card coloring book!

I am a journal-er like you’ve never met, so I take a notebook with me EVERYWHERE I go! As someone who travels a lot I love being able to go back and read about my trips. That being said, journaling is a good way to reflect on your trip and have one of the best souvenirs when you get home.

Solo travelers have learned to make friends with strangers, its just part of the trip. So, pack a deck of cards and play with someone. It might be harder than you expect, it might be easier than you think, but no matter what it will give you something to do and keep you entertained for a while! And if you aren’t in the mood for stranger games, you can always play solitaire.

If you have a WHOLE lot of time to kill, go explore! Airports specifically are full of public transportation options so don’t be scared to get out of the terminal if time allows!

No matter how much time you have to kill, the important thing to keep in mind is that at the end of the day it is all part of the journey! Yeah, it can be frustrating and it can certainly be a downer when it is unexpected. But don’t let it define your trip! Move past it, make the best of it, and enjoy your adventure.

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