Tacos, The Spot, Mexican Food

The Spot; For the Best Tacos in the 941

Sometimes the best food in town is in some of the most unexpected places. Enter The Spot Taco Truck at the Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton. I have traveled to many a country and eaten many good tacos, but nothing compares to The Spot. It is nestled into the Farmers Market section of Red Barn among the fruit and vegetable vnedors, making you feel like you’ve left the country.

Tacos, The Spot, Mexican Food

Tacos, The Spot, Mexican Food

Tim and I usually do our produce shopping at The Red Barn because of the great prices and amazing selection. It doesn’t hurt that my mom had been going to the same produce guy for years before we started to so he always gifts me a watermelon or bag of apples. Traveling and having a chaotic life sometimes leaves you craving a sense of familiarity, something that never changes. And for me, that’s produce shopping!

Tim’s favorite part however is tacos and who could blame him? We are a house hold that firmly believes that tacos can be had any day, so move over Tuesday! So, for all of our local friends who stop by Red Barn, make sure you grab a taco (or 5) at The Spot! They are right next to the fruit cup vender, which is another great addition to your culinary market tour.



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