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The last of our 3 part travel guide to Colombia’s coffee growing region, we bring you Caldas. Each of the states have a variety of things to offer from ecological trails to historic old churches, there is so much to do. That is why we had to break it up into 3 sections! And keep in mind, this is only one of the many regions Colombia has. You could spend a whole year in Colombia and still not see everything the country has to offer. So for now, here are the Caldas sights to see!

Caldas – Sights in Colombia’s Eje Cafetero

4369771947_ed392327f8_bPhoto byMartha Rivero, All CC
Cathedrals of Manizales

All over Manizales there are beautiful catholic churches. Many of them have climbs to the top, guided tours that tell you the history, and stunning views of the city once you make it to the top. Even if you aren’t religious, the art work and stained glass windows are worth a visit!

16869979520_34cfc55c92_zPhoto By Eduardo Aguilar
Nevado del Ruiz – Manizales
If going to a snow peaked volcano was ever on your bucket list, this is the place to check it off! We talked more about the Nevados and other similar activities in our previous posts here and here. So if this is something you fancy, go check those out!
15846185957_abb0fd2951_hPhoto by, Liceth Celis
 Antigua Estacion Del Ferrocarril – Manizales

Colombia’s history with its railroad system is peppered all over the country. Here and there you see historic train stations in the heart of city centers. Manizales’ antique train station is a reminder of that history and charm. Though it is now part of a university campus, the architecture is still stunning and well preserved, serving as a reminder of how historic buildings can be preserved. The mesh of modern and historic is just another charming thing about the station.


Photo by Luis Alveart, All CC
 Reciento del Pensamiento – Manizales

If you want to spend your day surrounded by some of the most beautiful examples of Colombia’s flora and fauna, you will LOVE Reciento del Pensamiento. With a stunning Orchid Forrest, Birding observatory, and butterfly garden you will find yourself feeling like you’ve stepped into the garden scene from Alice In Wonderland. For nature lovers and ecotourists, this is a must!


All CC Photo by rpphotos
11440400586_8aff9d5c94_zPhoto by jpc.raleigh, All CC

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