Some interstates are infamous, they have gone down in pop culture and are part of the Americana fabric woven by so many family roads trips and truck stops on state lines. I-75 is not one of those, and it certainly isnt world known for being the interstate that Sarasota/Manatee residents use on the regular. But growing up in South Florida, this road was MY highway, it was my lifeline to grungy concerts, beach days skipping school, and my way home each and every night. It represents belly laughs as bad high school music blasted out of my little Scion XA as my friends and I grew into adulthood, became the people we are today and somehow found ourselves a band of brothers trying to survive high school. This playlist is an homage to all the great memories 75 has given me. From road trips to Miami and from speeding tickets to late nights, this Eisenhower stretch of road in some way, shaped me.


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