Random Road Trips and What You Find

Tim and I are big on random road trips when life allows. Sometimes they are day trips where we just get on the road and head out until the sunsets and other days they are a little longer. Though they vary in length and location one this is always guaranteed: we have the best time!

All of these random little road trips have no agenda, so there is a sense of freedom in that. There is nothing saying when we stop or where we go, just us (and sometimes the mutts) taking in the view. With the radio going and cruise control on the freedom becomes a stillness, where we both can talk about anything. Some of our weirdest and most interesting conversations actually start on these trips. Did OJ do it? Should we move to Japan? Did you hear about the guy on Reddit’s AMA with 2 penises? Do you think the dogs think we are weird hairless big dogs?

My husband has come to understand that historic markers mean detours, and he is such a good sport about it too! On these trips I am sure he expects us to find some. And we generally do. When there is no itinerary it seems like you see things you never knew where there. You are distracted so you look a little closer. Old civil war forts, churches that have survived the elements and stood their ground, and cemeteries with pioneer bones are out there waiting to be discovered. You just have to keep an eye out for them!

I’ve come to realize that there is so much in our own backyard waiting to be explored that day to day life gets in the way and we forget all about it! This year, one of my goals is to make more time for the things close to home we can explore and experience.

So, here is 2017. To finding more old houses that saw births of presidents. To more abandoned towns. To finding hidden gems we forgot existed. To picnics on the side of the road talking about life and love and what we want. To a new year filled with memories. And love. And kindness. And to more road trips with no agenda.


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