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Things This World Traveler Has Never Done: Gone Camping

Starting a new year always means it is time for reflection. You look forward to new things and first while you look back at the things you accomplished. Everyone starts to make their respective bucket-lists, resolutions, and planning the year to come. Well, I have been doing the same and at the top of my list is something I have never, ever done before. In 2017 I will go camping, god damn it! I am nearly 30. I have traveled the world. But, I have never really been in a tent camping and I think that needs to change.

Since it is at the top of my bucket-list I have been doing some research. With our insanely hot Florida weather, camping here seems like it is only an option during the cooler months. I am all about camping but sweating in a tent is not my idea of bucket list adventure!

This past year we have had so many friends move out west (4 to be exact!) and each one of them has done an amazing cross country road trip from Florida to the west coast. Color me jealous because I’ve never been west of Texas. While their adventures have inspired the Great Camping Adventure of 2017 to take place out west, narrowing down the list is proving to be quite difficult!

The list? Here goes:

  1. Alaska
  2. Rocky Mountains
  3. Yellowstone
  4. Yosemite
  5. Colorado
  6. Oregon
  7. Washington State

I will now spend the greater first half of 2017 picking a location. Though, if you have any suggestions please do share!


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