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How We Met: OR Our Senate Investigation + ER Adventures on our First Valentine’s Day

FIRST OFF: Bonus points if you get the reference in my blog title <3

What better day than today to tell the internets all about how we met, right? Well, let us get to it! Tim and I met in college. And there is quite a bit of back story to it so, grab some popcorn and get comfy. We are about to get personal!

How we Met

I was somewhere between my junior and a half year and not quite a senior when I transferred to the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee’s campus (Go Bulls!) after a failed attempt of being a UCF Knight. I had gotten my AA from the local community college in town and left for the Orlando Promise-land which was the biggest headache I ever dealt with in my life! Long story short, I came back to Sarasota and started at USFSM. To say that I flourished there is an understatement. After 3 years of being “lost” between MCC and UCF, I finally felt I could grow academically. I became involved in student government (where I met 90% of those I consider close friends today) and eventually started doing the new student orientations with ReginasaurusRex (my co-conspirator in student government and work wife) in an attempt to build student engagement on campus.


I decided that I was going to be an accessible Student Body Vice President. And had business cards made up with my cellphone number on them because I knew what it was like to be a transfer student, to feel lost on a campus, and feel like you were stuck in academic groundhogs day. Well, one day in the middle of orientation I noticed this cute criminology student (dressed oh so awkwardly with baby blue shorts and heather gray tee) and decided to give my card out to ALL the students, you know in case they needed access to me… when I wasn’t on campus… or in my office… or if they just wanted to talk. Nothing happened. The semester got busy. I never really saw cute boy on our really small campus so I just thought he was probably a Tampa student now.

So, the end of semester Student Government Banquet came around and looking FAB (except for a poorly executed makeup application from Ulta, pictured below) I found cute criminology boy again! The event was over and a bunch of friends went out to drinks, which I only went to because Tim was going and Tim only went to because I was going even though we were both broke with a combined $2.83 in our bank accounts.


SIDENOTE: A week or so before the banquet my car had been broken into my purse, lap top, and everything for school had been stolen. Among the items? My passport. Which normally wouldn’t have been an issue EXCEPT that Thomas and I were due to fly out to spend Christmas in Colombia with my mom. Depressed that we couldn’t go, a friend tried to cheer me up. She said “Everything happens for a reason, dude. Like, what if you meet the man of your dreams and if you went to Colombia you didn’t? What if this is how you meet your husband…Everything happens for a reason.” Remember that.

So, there we were. Downtown drinking and having fun with friends when someone said we should go to another location. All you need to know is that there was a line 10-shot glasses long when I came out of the bathroom and Tim got me drunk. The night ended with 45$ worth of taco bell for a whopping 4 people and we all went to our friend’s house to sleep off the night’s alcohol. Tim thought we would cuddle all night. I barely knew the dude. He ended up alone on the couch. The next day he pulled a “Call me maybe” and put himself into my phonebook, and I was impressed. Determination in a man is sexy.


School started back up and I started seeing Tim more and more on campus. He was part of the rowing team on campus and I shared an office in the SG Suite with the rowing captain, so anytime Tim and Andy had to chat, well I got to see him. We got a little friendlier as the time went on but every time I saw him he was talking to girls, ready to go on a run, or talking about rowing (read: I thought he was a total meathead, though he made me laugh).



This dude started to get reaaaaal comfortable in my office. Stealing snacks from my snack drawer was forgiven when he would leave me notes and a stack of quarters so I could go to the vending machine. But he thought I was a spoiled princess because I had a Louis Vuitton bag and I thought he was a womanizer because he made all these girls laugh. We both just kind of brushed it off and continued with life. Until a few months later when there was trouble in rowing paradise and I had to start coming to 530am practice to check out the sitch. I joined rowing because I had to for my job as VP but stayed because of Tim. And like a typical man, when I made an effort to look good at 5:30am he would skip practice. I found ways to skip other events to attend those he was going to, he called out of work to hang out with me, but neither of us knew this until AFTER we got together. But so it goes, right?


I should probably also state that either Tim didn’t get the hints I was dropping or I sucked at dropping hints because after a regatta one day when I wanted to watch the Rays game with him my solo time with Tim ended up with the whole team at my house (so I could get him there, muahahhaha) eating my mom’s homemade quiche. This exact moment is when I fell in love with Tim even though we hadn’t even started dating yet. I mean, we weren’t even on the near dating radar… Shortly after this phase of friend zoning so hard because we just kept thinking the other one wasn’t interested, we got our shit together and got together.


You see how blurry this is? That friends, is caused by “creeper zoom” cause you didn’t want to get caught. #sorrynotsorry


I say it on this blog all the time: Being married to Tim is far easier than being married to me! I am incredibly lucky to be with a man who accepts me for me, all my crazy last minute trips, insane ideas, and very Hispanic side of the family. We’ve survive a Senate investigation (which when we finally did start dating made everyone snicker), fun times, bad times, and so many more wonderful adventures to come. We may have spent our first Valentine’s Day together as husband and wife in the ER while I Β thought I was having a stroke (Sup, Bells Palsy diagnosis) but I wouldn’t change anything about us! Half paralyzed face and all <3

So, there you have it. How we met!

Another Side note: Because our collage campus played such a biiiiig part in our love story, we actually got married there!


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