Foodie Travel Bucketlist

Tim and I have been watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain lately. And it is usually a late night Netflix binge which almost always results in the two of us sitting in the kitchen, hungry, and making a midnight snack. After we made it through about 2 seasons (in 3 days) I started to think of travel in terms of food so I decided to make a Foodie Travel Bucketlist! This list is a combination of places I’ve always wanted to visit, food I love, and the cultural importance food plays in my life when I travel.

Foodie Travel Bucket List

Ravioli in Italy

I have always wanted to go to Italy and do a culinary tour, because nom nom nom so good! Trying to narrow down which dish to define the country is no small feat. And even though I am a huge pizza lover, ravioli is my jam.

Tandoori Naan in India 

Indian food is probably one of the first cuisines I fell in love with. I have been to some amazing Indian restaurants, but nothing beats the real thing. Going to India has long been on my bucketlist and now it is on my foodie list as well!

Real Mexican food in Mexico and MOLE!

Probably one of the most bastardized foods out there, IMO. So to experience Mexican food in Mexico is the thing #TacoTuesday dreams are made of! Bring on the mole and the handmade tortillas.

Traditional Beer in Germany

As a huuuuuuuge craft beer drinker (more so in college than now) I’ve had my share of good beers around the world. But something about having a traditional German beer in the Motherland that abides by the purity law is something I have dreamed about for a long time.

Noodles and Sushi in Japan

Anyone that knows Tim knows how much he loves Japanese culture and food. This is the dude who eats his lunch with chopsticks and is ALWAYS down for celebratory sushi. This is #1 on his list and mine too!

Massaman curry in Thailand

I like my curry on the tropical side with coconut milk which makes this foodie destination a no-brainer. And massaman curry is just the beginning of a wonderful culinary adventure!

Asado in Argentina

As I think about the meat sizzling on the grill I can smell the chimichurri wafting through the air! Take me to the horse farm, give me a blanket, and let us have a traditional Argentinian asado. I will abandon my mostly plant-based diet for a day like this.

Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding in England

Some people joke that British food must be pretty bad if malt vinegar is a condiment and I am here to say those people are wrong. Having had fish and chips in London already, I thought this would be a great foodie bucketlist item.

Seafood Paella in Spain

Tim is a huge seafood fan and I am a big Spain fan! Add rice into the mix and we’ve got the trifecta of foodie magic. I went to Spain in high school and didn’t have any paella because I was too busy bingeing on jamon Serrano.

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